Sharkwater Extinction

Today was a really tough day. I have waited for this day for so long, but then it was here and I felt a lot of different feelings. I felt a lot of excitement to see my hero Rob Stewart on the screen, but I also felt a so much sadness. It is the last film I will ever see Rob in. I felt sad and sort of scared. Who is going to be the one to save sharks now? Who is going to be the one to show all of us people who already want to save sharks how to do it?

Watching Sharkwater Extinction with my family made me remember why I want to save sharks and the ocean. It’s because it is worth fighting for. I am fighting for the survival of the humans. Rob was amazing. He cared about people so much that he fought so hard that he lost his life for it. Rob said  “There is simply no issue more important. Conservation is the preservation of human life on earth, and that, above all else, is worth fighting for.” I believe that.


Today I got to spend some time with some of my other heroes and role models. I got to hang out with Regi Domingo, who is the founder of Nakawe Project. Regi is just an amazing person. She cares so much about animals and people, and I just love her so much. Julie Andersen is so sweet and kind, and was a huge part of the Sharkwater film. Brock Cahill was Rob’s friend and was a major part of Sharkwater Extinction. I have met Brock before at another event for Rob, and he is really nice and really encouraging to keep following my path.  Andy Cassagrande is super cool. He is really nice and funny, and obviously super brave, (he films sharks all over the world and I am so jealous!) so that was so awesome to get to hang out with him!

I hope that when Sharkwater Extinction comes to theatres on October 5th that everyone will go out and see this film. I promise you that you will cry, but that’s ok, because Rob deserves to be missed. Most of all I hope that everyone who sees Sharkwater Extinction will make big changes and get involved in helping to change the world and save sharks. Support Rob, support sharks, and help save the humans!


Like Rob said, Be a hero.

Love Ella

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  1. Ella you’re so lucky to have attended the premier and to hang out with the crew.

    I will be going to see it on October 5th !

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