I am Ella Grace. I am 8 years old, and I have loved the ocean and all its creatures as long as I can remember.  One of my earliest memories is watching nature shows with my parents instead of bedtime stories. When I was 4 I watched the film Sharkwater, by my hero Rob Stewart. After seeing that film, everything changed for me. I didn’t just want to love the ocean and sharks, I wanted to save them. I started learning everything I could about sharks. I learned about all the different species, their habitats and most importantly the threats to their survival. I have learned that the threat to sharks surviving is actually a much bigger problem, it is the threat to the survival of humans, and we are the ones doing this to ourselves. We are destroying our planet with careless consumption and use of disposable products. Through education and community projects my goal is to bring awareness to the problems our planet is facing. I want to reach everyone, but especially children like me. We are the future, the choices we make now will shape what our tomorrow will look like. I am on a mission to save sharks, save the oceans and save the humans!